Nektar Music 

Welcome to the Nektar Music blog! At Nektar, our main goal is to bring together the best music software and marry it with state of the art controller hardware. We are an innovative and creative manufacturer of the latest high-tech keyboard MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) controllers, beat composers, virtual synthesizers, foot controllers and other accessories. One of our newest and most popular products is the Aura Beat Composer. This revolutionary machine is a state-of-the-art beat creation and performance instrument that has catapulted the much loved drum machine to a new stratosphere. Try the ultra-sensitive touch pads to create your beat and we guarantee you’ll be hooked! Visit our website and check out our extensive product range for a digital experience that will get your creative juices flowing. 

Our team, our mission

Behind every great musical creation there is a great team working together to produce the perfect musical instrument. Our team of musicians and engineers are driven by our company mission to produce the best musical product at affordable prices so everyone can enjoy the gift of music creation. We are constantly building on our wealth of knowledge by keeping abreast of new technological developments in the digital music industry. We are always looking to improve our existing models because we are never satisfied in our pursuit of the perfect digital instrument. When you get Nektar, you get a quality digital product that is robust, practical, and guaranteed to satisfy your music creativity. 

Company vision

Our company vision has been garnered from years of experience working in the musical software and hardware industry. Musical software has advanced in gigantic leaps over the past 20 years. It is a continuously evolving universe of new sounds and instruments that has become readily accessible to everyone. What was once a niche market has now become a mass produced creative tidal wave that has benefitted the consumer and the musical artist residing within all our souls. However, we noticed that hardware was not keeping up with software. That is when our mission was born. To produce state of the art products that allow musicians to manipulate and control software as if it were hardware.